Branding and Value Proposition Development

“A Value Proposition should define the unique way in which a business or brand delivers value for its customers. It should explain the competitive advantage - why customers should buy from that brand rather than another; and it should always be easy to understand and clearly evidenced.”

Every brand, every product or service and every piece of communication should carry a clear proposition - so recipients always understand... “why should I buy it or respond to it... what’s in it for me?”

So I help organisations to define and articulate the value proposition they need to communicate. I do it by facilitating meetings, workshops and brand development programmes for clients and agency teams. I use proven processes to stimulate and inspire all involved in the process; and I craft the conclusions into brand and sales messaging that articulates the propositions simply and clearly.

The results always provide fresh insight into a client company’s offer, their competitive advantage/differentiators and the sales and marketing messages they should be communicating. The processes inspire both clients and creatives / agency teams by clarifying the key messages and inspiring new creative thinking.

My involvement can include:

•  facilitated brand and value proposition meetings/workshops

•  creating brand portraits that define a brand’s attributes and essence

•  sympathetically challenging established thinking

•  assessing and defining customer benefit propositions and market positioning - incl. SWOT analysis and competitor reviews

•  facilitating development of the core value propositions for tenders and sales pitches

•  engaging all stakeholders (e.g. directors, partners, brand managers, HR teams, business owners and agency teams).


    Arriva, value proposition & branding more>>

    Arriva introduced a new shuttle service in and out of town centres which is easier for commuters because the buses run every 10 minutes. I helped them clarify the value proposition, developed a brand name for the service (Breeze) and managed the launch through billboard advertising and direct mail with the following campaign and brand headlines:
    - Wait Less
    - So simple... It’s a Breeze
    - Breeze in, Breeze out
    - Catch the Breeze


    Bedfordia Group, value proposition & more>>

    “Andy Criddle worked with Bedfordia Group in 2007/8 as we embarked on our highly successful brand journey and was subsequently invited to run brand workshops for each of the divisional businesses. These workshops brought invaluable clarity, direction and a better understanding of the value propositions of the businesses – individually and collectively. The process was well structured and facilitated - a stimulating exercise in its own right which provided real insight for all the participants.”
    John Ibbett, Chairman, Bedfordia Group, Nov 2009