Marketing and Communications Strategy - including programme management

Every organisation, large or small, can benefit from objective help in developing, improving or just simply reviewing their marketing strategies and communications programmes.

From crafting the message to managing its delivery, through effective programme planning and channel management, I have helped a wide variety of companies to develop and manage brand, marketing and internal communication strategies - including...

•  GlaxoSmithKline

•  Whitbread plc

•  GMAC / Vauxhall Finance

•  Terrapin

•  Volkswagen Group

•  Milliken Textiles

•  Parker Hannifin Corporation

•  Tesco

•  Energis

•  SBC Warburg

•  Woolworths Group

•  The Finance & Leasing Association (FLA)

•  Fujifilm Electronic Imaging

...not to mention a host of smaller and less well known organisations with names you probably won’t have heard of - yet!


    GlaxoSmithKline Travel Health more>>

    I developed a comprehensive communications strategy for GSK to promote its travel health range of vaccines to the UK GP network and through them to UK consumers/travellers. The strategy included both digital and traditional channels plus a comprehensive knowledge base for global travel and such innovations as personal online vaccine records.


    GSK more>>

    I facilitated a brand development programme for GSK’s anti-malarial vaccine Malarone. The programme included creation of a new brand portrait for the vaccine (which had introduced a paediatric application) and a marketing strategy for relaunch to UK medical professionals and consumers.

“The ingredients of a successful comm's strategy are always the same - and essentially simple:

a) Ensure you have a clear compelling message

b) Know your audience and how to select the right channels to reach them - and at the right time

c) Make sure your message is not only received but engages the recipient and elicits the desired response.”