Message Management and Crafting

“I understand how words need to work in partnership with imagery for communication to be at its most effective.

My trading name demonstrates the importance I place upon this partnership. I can craft words that paint pictures, but adding images brings messages to life.”

I’m told that I’m unusual - I hope it’s meant as a compliment - because I’m a communications strategist as well as a crafter of messages. It’s why I can turn complex propositions into clear and simple messages - and do it with a passion.

With more than 25 years communications experience, I understand how to manage the message so that it is not just understood but also elicits the desired response. I understand how the prevailing attitudes of recipients can affect how a message is interpreted; how conviction can be created and embedded; and I set the tone of voice and establish the core messaging that should underpin all sales, brand and/or campaign copy.

What I do effectively establishes the textual equivalent of corporate identity guidlines to ensure clear and consistent communication of the value proposition through all future sales and marketing messages.


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    In 2006 I devised a new tone of voice and copy style for CenterParcs. The core messages I crafted for their brochures and web site, set the benchmark for all future marketing & brand communications.

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